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Author Topic: Dialogs... Also why can't I start a New Topic on the FP Pro forum?  (Read 7473 times)


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I am posting this here because there is no "New Topic" button in the Forest Pack Pro Forum (Why?)
Anyway, I have had the material dialog show up (see attached) even when I create a new Forest Pack object while working (or trying to work) with layered lawns.
Also, Max density dialog also appears frequently (see attached). If this is going to happen so often, then the settings shouldn't be so buried in the UI. Also, it should be able to be adjusted globally.
Another issue is the F icon for the Forest Pack objects have disappeared which makes selecting in the view port difficult (yes, I know I can Select From Scene).
I'm in the middle of a project and I don't have time to sort out all of these issues. I have really been disappointed with FP 6.
Itoo should have tested this more before releasing it.
I even had issues with the Update Manager.
Perhaps I should blame myself for updating software in the middle of a project...I just thought that an update would actually help. Silly me.
The End.


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Re: Dialogs... Also why can't I start a New Topic on the FP Pro forum?
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2018, 08:46:04 AM »
Please use this form to assign a Forum account to Pro license user.

Material dialog- I have just answered You in personal email,- please check that. Well to recap- it notifies You of duplicate material and asks You if You want to replace from library.
You can disable that pop up by changing one setting:

Max density dialog tries to save You from inefficient ForestPack usage.

Thank You for all Your feedback.