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Forest disappears from screen


Max 2022, Vray 5, forest pack pro 7.1.1,
With the system above, Forest will completely disappear from the viewports and the only way to see them again is to re-open the max scene.
In the UI, forest is not locked to camera, has enough display items in the viewport. etc

This has only happened since i upgraded to max 2022. Max 2019 was fine.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this and how to rectify it.
Thank you

Paul Roberts:

Sorry to hear you're facing those issues. Would you mind sending the problematic files (just the FP object would be fine) to helpdesk@itoosoft.com and we'll take a closer look.

Many thanks,

Thanks Paul
Have sent via email


I am experiencing the same issue on both of my workstations. I have been testing recent upgrades to Max 2022, V-ray 5 and Forest Pack 7.3.1 and all forest objects disappear from all viewports when rendering.

Edit: I was originally posting to see if the cause was ever found, but I seem to have stumbled on the solution; this occurs when Distributed Rendering is active and "Use Local Host" is turned off.



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