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Author Topic: I want to temporarily move my licence server while I move locations  (Read 6092 times)


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So I have been successfully using a network server as my licence server and using logmein Hamachi for my laptop.

However, shortly I will be moving location and my main office machines will be in transit and I will need to use my laptop exclusively. for a week or so.

What process do I need to go through to say, register my laptop as the licence server for a week, and then re-register my main server as the licence server?

I want to be careful not to close my licence down if I am in a position where I desperately need to render.

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Re: I want to temporarily move my licence server while I move locations
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2017, 05:50:42 PM »
Please feel free to install temporarily on your laptop "another" License Server (there shouldn't be any licensing conflict if your actual licensing service will be not in use) and activate your licenses on that computer.

Before moving back to work on your workstation, this installation of the License Server needs to be removed in the following way:

First, you should remove licenses as our licensing system does not include a deactivation procedure. To remove a license, select it in the License Manager and click Shift+Del. Then please uninstall the License Server from that computer.

Having any doubt, please feel free to ask.

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