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Author Topic: Itoo Forest Alt Workflow Advice  (Read 5727 times)


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Itoo Forest Alt Workflow Advice
« on: July 06, 2016, 11:45:35 AM »
I'm really hating asking this question here, but I know its the best place in regards of professional that use scattering software with experience in the field. I'm currently a user of Itoo Forest Pro and Railclone (big fan!). I've taken a new job recently and at the company I am forced to use Maya, which I'm familiar and happy with but of course no Forest Maya version. Can anyone experience recommend a scattering plugin that can even come close to Itoo forest in terms of the quality of features, reliability, versatility etc. Needs to include the amazing animation features, ability to offset the animation etc.

... or even recommend a good work flow that I can incorporate itoo forest elements into a Maya scene without crashing it completely by converting to individual instances.

Hope someone can recommend, this is for Maya 2016.5 Ext 2.