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Itoo soft for other platforms


Do you have any plans to create versions of Railclone and Forest for other platforms ?
Is there any possibility to create a Blender version of your plugins ?
I'm worried about the new Autodesk subscription plans.
Now, we have Vray for Blender available. The second crucial plugin for me is Forest.
Blender with Forest and Vray definitely could be an option for many

Kind Regards

Hi Greg,

Besides what said in this post, i doubt we create plugins for Blender any time, because its licensing restrictions.
Vlado explains very well these limitatations in this post, and how they wrote V-Ray for Blender.

Actually we are not working for other platforms, just evaluating all options for the future. We are specialists on 3DS Max, and by now will continue developing for it.


Is it still relevant ?
I mean the context has changed, Blender is very important today ...


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