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MCG and Railclone combinations



I'm looking for any good examples/tutorials how to combine Railclone's strengths with Max' MCG capabilities. I've only seen one example on Youtube where someone created a nice demonstration of an MCG script with Railclone (some sort of bridge cables), very simple, but no explanation or tutorial (video by Paul Roberts): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkiXAtvpSsk.

And I am seeing more and more Blender Geometry Nodes demonstrations with unbelievably impressive results..
Exmple: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzOzOSJASRo&t=2s
I would like to see examples of comparable results could be achieved with Railclone. Or, if needed, combined with MCG... But there seems to be none...
Any advice??

Michal Karmazín:

Honestly, I’m not aware of other examples of how these tools can complement each other. Though as mentioned here (https://forum.itoosoft.com/faq-18/railclone-vs-max-creation-graphs/), “there’s some crossover”, usually these are each used for another task. Might be, my colleague Paul (on holiday these days) will know about some more examples …

Let me mention, that we are working on the TheParametricLibrary for RailClone, which includes ”… ready-to-use assets that take the hard work out of parametric design, allowing you to use advanced RailClone Pro techniques in minutes rather than hours.” I hope you'll find these interesting and helpful.

Best regards,

Thank you for taking the time Michal.
I would like to get in touch/hear from Paul, as he had demonstrated an interesting 'crossover' as there is some missing functionality in Railclone that Blender's Geometry Nodes are tackling in a fast tempo and MIGHT be tackled with 3dsmax' MCG. But again, there is seriously nothing to find on the web, and Autodesk does not promote is very well... Another example of a great crossover would be this Youtube video (source unknown):

On the other hand: If you know of any ways how to handle these things WITHIN Railclone I'm all ears! Perhaps something to look into by your team of developers?
Would love to hear from you.
Kind regards,


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