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Missing effects in Forest 8 effects library



I´ve seen the video tut about bend rug strands next to exclude splines but I can´t find the "bend by exclude area" in the effects list, as seen in video.

It´s missing in Forest 8?


Michal Karmazín:

The "Bend by exclude area" effect you should find under the Transform category (it should be listed as a second effect just after the "Face Downhill" one). I hope that helps.

Best regards,

If you cannot find it, please run Update Manager to install new Effects package.
These effects were uploaded some days after the Forest 8 release.

Thanks for your answer Michal...
Bend by exclude are doesn´t appear where it´s suppossed to be.
I´ve updated forest with Update Manager yesterday

It seems to be a problem with 8.06 version. In Forest 8.05 the effect is in the list

Michal Karmazín:
Well, it has been reorganized in the last update and the “Lean out (Exclude)” effect should give you the same result. Anyway, please the “Bend by exclude area” effect attached. I hope that helps.

Best regards,


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