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Title: OF INTEREST TO RC USERS: MeshInsert vs. KitBasher
Post by: Barry on September 30, 2017, 03:41:14 PM
Hi there, I didn't know where else to bring this up so - this place seemed to be most appropriate.

So - two plug-in developers have created and released two very similar and very cool looking tools at around the same time.
I thought they'd be of interest to RailClone fans because they fall broadly into the category of 'automated modelling assistant tools' - (although they're obviously not parametric like RC but anyway...)

Take a look if you've not seen them:

Kitbasher - by JokerMartini, $15

MeshInsert - by Kinematic Lab, 30.00€

One of them is kindly twice the price of the other, but beyond the fact that MeshInsert had a slightly flashier demo video, I can't really see what the major differences are.

Before I toss a coin on one or the other I thought I'd get some thoughts from people here, anyone used either of them?
Is there anything about one or the other that stands out as being obviously better or worse?

Let me know your thoughts. Cheers,