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offset texture animation?

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thank you for this. one final question, if i use all of Arnalds native maps is forest pack fully copatable with it's GPU version. i don't see the section for Arnald GPU on the supported features page.


Hi Paul,

I an testing with forest pack lite in max 2022. i am having real trouble understanding thee animation tools. i am following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNpAYywwL1k

Is the from map option getting the map position from the distibution object? because in your example you have it on a rectangle with no UV coordinates. I need this animation sweep out radially very slowly, which starts up the animation and the gradient animation and then continues the animation. is somthing like this possible? if you can show me this i will buy it immedietly. i'm sorry i just find these gradient controls confusing.

I had an idea to use the Vray distance texture as a blend mode instead of the gradient on each object. but the ditance tex only works on the distribution object, not the scattered objects. is there a way it can recognise the scttered objects too?



Paul Roberts:
Although it is possible to use maps without a surface using alternate mapping modes like Planar from world/object XYZ, it's far more predictable to use a surface instead. The lite version doesn't support surfaces, but in the Pro version this would be my approach.

V-Ray distance texture should be fine but you may find you need to centre the FP object to the world origin for it to work correctly. This won't affect the actual position of the scatters because they'll always follow the areas.



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