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offset texture animation?

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the randomize and animate seem to be the only feature not supported by vray GPU lol. that's a shame.

Paul Roberts:
I'm afraid that's the case. Unlike V-Ray CPU, V-Ray GPU doesn't have an SDK so we are dependent on Chaos adding support for Forest rather than the other way around. At this point, animation support hasn't been added.


Is there some way of using forest pack to scatter the objects and then convert them into instances that retain the animation? or do you know of any workaround that can produce animation?


or does arnald gpu have support for the effect i am looking for?

Paul Roberts:
Arnold GPU does indeed support Forest Pack's animation modes, Though you may find other limitations such as limited support for Max's native maps.

Another option ... really all that's happening internally is that Forest Pack is creating several versions of the object with different starting points and scattering those. You could recreate that manually for any renderer. For example, if you were to stick with Redshift, you could save out your animation to a proxy and then duplicate that proxy several times but for each one set a different start frame and then scatter those. That should give you a similar effect as using Forest's animation features.

I once wrote a proxy cloner Maxscript to automate creating those proxies. It was designed to work with V-Ray, but I've attached it in case you fancied adapting it for another renderer.



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