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Question about taxes for 10 forest licences


Hi there people.

     My ceo of a company where I currently work wants to buy 10 forest pack licences for our workstations.

His accountant told him that he could be released of 20% taxes if he can get POR document from Itoo software company so that

he doesn't need to pay 20% + 20% for the country - double taxes.  I was wondering if you guys from Itoo are having that POR form or something similar so please let me know.

One thing is certain - he will buy 10 licences for sure it's just that he only wants to pay one tax ( in Serbia it's 20% taxes ) that time when he buys the software. It's just a

paper thing that his account asked him about. I just wanted to check and please be free to write to me.

Best and kind regards.

Hi, all our orders are processed using the 2Checkout payment platform, and the invoice is issued directly by them.
I would suggest you contact directly their support team, because this is a very specific question and we don't know all the details.

If that helps, 2Checkout is a company based in Netherlands, and they applies the European Union tax rules.


Thanks for the reply, I will check that out.


How can I avoid paying timber taxes?

Please use this form to contact us about the sales.


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