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TOOLBARS for RailClone and Forest Pack keep resetting in 3ds Max 2020!

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If I place RC and FP toolbars on a specific dock within 3ds Max 2020, save the customized UI, and then restart, they both keep reverting/resetting to their own empty dock. Why will they not stay put, even after I save the UI? I am getting tired and frustrated having to drag them back into position every time I launch Max. >:(

According to the forums, this has been a problem for a very long time and it is annoying many users. I have also read user complaints of "toolbar spawning". iToo's response is always the same... "We can't get documentation from Autodesk [excuse]." This is clearly NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. I have never had a problem installing and docking ANY other plugin within Max 2020, so it must be as simple as figuring out what every other company is doing right, and iToo is doing wrong. Other companies can figure out Autodesk's documentation, but iToo is oblivious as to why theirs doesn't work. Isn't it about time that iToo step up to the plate and resolve this issue? I am tired of the excuses and simply don't buy the "It's Autodesk's fault" deflection anymore. It's not professional and it's bad for business. Please get this fixed people.

An update for iToo software engineers: I have been trying every scenario I can think of, and I've made one observation that might give you people a clue as to what's going wrong in your code. Every time I restart Max 2020, your RC and FP toolbars always hug the outer edges of any dock. They do not like to be placed in the middle of a dock or sandwiched between other plugins/toolbars. They will either move to the left edge, move to the right edge or, if there is no room, they'll make their own empty dock/tier and hug the left edge. Perhaps you have code that is telling the toolbars to "move to the edge at all costs." They're like a nerd at a highschool dance, hugging the walls - they just refuse to be social. ;D Again, no other plugins perform this erratic behavior. Hope this helps.

Michal Karmazín:

Big thanks for all your feedback. Well, as mentioned by my colleague Carlos: "... the main problem is that system toolbars are not documented in the SDK ..." and because of troubles in the latest versions of the 3ds max, we decided to add the following flag in the configuration to disable the creation of toolbars at startup:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Itoo Software\DisableToolbars = 1 (DWORD value)

On configurations with this kind of troubles, we suggest to disable these toolbars with the mentioned systém registry fix and create your own user toolbar.

Best regards,

Ok, I get it. We're back to blaming Autodesk again.  ::)

Just a heads up, I'm still having this problem in Max 2023 and the latest Fp 743.
Do we still have to fudge around in the registry to remove the official Fp/Rc toolbars? They are the only 2 toolbars in Max that ignore a saved UI.

It always creates a third toolbar row in my interface which is valuable real estate. Just a big empty bar with only Fp & Rc on it on the far left.


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