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What about Forest 3.0 ?

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OK, I admit that I had to use a version number that would make you read this!

Anyway, I would like to talk about the future of ForestPack...
Let this post work as a wish list.

I would like to read some news and thoughts from our Admin too...!


Yes, it is true that we have not released major Forest updates lately. Sorry about that.

We are now working in a new plugin, that must be ready soon, and in other projects too (non 3D Studio related). As soon we finish the current projects, the next goal is Forest 3.0. Actually we have some ideas for the new version, but please, send us all suggestions you would like to see in the next release.

This is the drawback of the small companies: too much work for too few people  ;D

I would like to hear more about your new products... I am sure if they are as useful as Forest then I am very interested!

Thank you for answering, I believe Forest 3 will be a great product too.


Sorry, by now i cannot give details about the new plugin. But, i hope it will be an useful tool for the 3D Studio community  :)

forest'custom mesh surpput VRayProxy?


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