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Error when locating library file in correct folder for hq plants 1 help


The how plants pack is wonderful sometime ago my gf had bought me hq plants pack 1. I trying to install it but when I go to find the installation path I get an error saying the selected directory does not contain hq plants 1 library and the file location does it has a file named 'hq_plants_matlib. I am using hq catalogue 1.6 and my version of forest pack is up date last time I checked. I am sorry if this has already been answered.

Many Thanks

Help me please? I have sent an email to technical aswell.

Please, see this post. If your installation of HQ Plants is correct, it must include "HQ_Plants_1_matlib.mat" in the folder you pick from the catalog.
If not, please contact with 3D Mentor to get the lastest version of the library.



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