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HD Trees 8 - missing materials and textures



i purchased the HD Trees 8 because they got very nice colorvariations on their models.
Now, when using this models ( with mantal ray ) - all models got the same texture/material with no variation at all - so that's very dissapointing :-( See the attached render.

Even in the included hd8 material library file the are no variations.

In the catalog you can read as following:
One or more textures on this 3D models have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default

I mean almost EVERY texture isn't redistributed - and there is also no information about which texture have been used - so i don't can "recreate" it. The reason why i purchased this was the material variations   >:(

Is there a chance to get the materials as they are show in catalog ? This is mainly the reason why purchased these....

Michal KarmazĂ­n:

Sorry to hear, you're facing this issue. Currently, all plant libraries we resell on our website are from third-party companies and because of huge amount of models we are unable to double check all these models / materials one by one. We've reported some issues with these vegetation models earlier, but honestly I'm sure in which phase it's now as we didn't receive any feedback on it yet.

Looks like, just the first material is always assigned. The hdtrees_8_mentalray_materials.mat material library seems to include these variations (at least our copy of it - like MentalRay_Berberis_Thunbergii_Green_Carpet_1 / _2 / _3) and until it'll be fixed, please assign these "manually".

I would encourage you to contact 3d mentor directly regarding this problem. Hopefully, once they'll see, there is a real demand from their users, they'll prioritize that. Unfortunately, I'm afraid we can't do much more in this case as we can't modify its content. Thanks for your comprehension.

Best regadrs,


thanks for the quick response! I've already contacted them last week but i got no response yet....I know that's not your "fault" - so thank you anyway for the tips. I really wish that every company has a supreme-customer-support like iToo has - I can't repeat this enough times !!! :)

I was searching for the material variations in the library called MentalRay_Berberis_Thunbergii_Golden_Torch_1 because this is attached to the model as default - but there isn't. Can't say that MentalRay_Berberis_Thunbergii_Green_Carpet_1 / _2 / _3 assigned to that model looks roughtly like the preview - but better than nothing  :-\

Still no news from 3Dmentor - it seems they are not interested in supporting their customers.


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