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HQ Plants - Large collections of beautiful 3d models
« on: August 20, 2010, 08:28:33 PM »
I'm glad to introduce HQ Plants 3d model's collections in this forum.

If you are looking for good 3d models of trees, you can find it in our Shop! We have huge collection of hi-quality 3d models of deciduous trees, coniferous trees, palms and shrubs.

Our beautiful collections of 3d models are the best in the market. You can download free models from HQ Plants collection and test it in your projects!

HQ Plants main features:

    * over 800 beautiful and high-detailed 3d models of different trees
    * realistic materials and textures
    * 3d models for 3ds Max (9 and higher) and Cinema 4D (10 and higher)
    * Mental Ray, VRay, Scanline and Cinema 4D Advanced Render, Maxwell render, Fry render and Artlantis support
    * good prices
    * PDF catalogs and previews in JPG files
    * customer support and regular FREE updates

You can download HQ Plants catalogs here:

HQ Palms 1 -
HQ Plants 1 -
HQ Plants 2 -

HQ Palms 1 - $149
HQ Plants 1 - $149
HQ Plants 2 - $149
HQ Palms 1&2 bundle - $269, save $29!
HQ Plants 1&2 + HQ Palms 1 bundle - $389, save $58!

We collect testimonials from our clients. You can write your own testimonials and we will post it here. Your help will be very much appreciated!

"Since we bought the HQ plants package, our job of creating forest and parks has become much simpler! The HQ Plants are cheap and contains many models!"
Bjørnar Moland, Ramboll Mapping,

"HQ Plants allows us to offer our customers the best library of plants for Forest Pack. An impressive collection of models ready for use in Mental Ray and VRay at an unbeatable price."
Daniel Quintero, Itoo Software,

"I use Mentor HQ plants on a daily basis, they are amazing. The variety of plants and trees is excellent, and they are perfect for both distance and close up shots without being too polygon heavy. I highly recommend them."
Neil Evans, e3Di,

"I have purchased 2 of the HQ Plants libraries from 3dmentor and have been very impressed. The models are easily dropped into my Vray scenes and can also be used as-is without making changes. The variety within species is great, too and the value is excellent! I still have not even used every single plant. The models are neat, error free, and not polygon heavy. I really like to use these in conjunction with scatter plug-ins to create large forests, etc. Customer support has been great, including free updates to the collections, and very fast response time to my inquiries. These are an essential part of most of my 3d workflow and were a great value. I plan to purchase more collections in the near future, especially the flowers and Autumn collections!"
James Reben, Architectural Image Solutions,

"The plants are very high quality and look awesome when rendered. They make a good finishing touch to my scenes! "
Ben Stone, Stone Graphic Design,

"3Dmentor produces the finest 3D tree models I have seen. The modeling is tidy and efficient, and texture mapping superb. We had some hundred year old red gum 3D trees custom produced for a specific animation. Konstantin modeled them from the sample photos we took from the site. They looked very realistic and lifted the quality of the whole animation. We even got the client to pay for an additional shot panning up the tree."
Mike Leslie, Director, SOUND LIGHT AND MOTION

"This is by far the best collection of tree models I have found on the market to date. Each is a carefully-crafed work of art - complete with fully 3-dimensional elements including trunk, branches and foliage. You'll never want to use image planes again."
Antar Howarth, Perchpole Media,

"The HQ Plant collections have been a tremendous addition to our existing 3D workflow. Each model looks amazing and they have paid for themselves many times over in the time that we have saved by not having to make custom trees anymore."
Chuck Lounsberry, Senior Associate, Stantec,

"Library must for professional image and 3D animation. I highly recommend this package!"
Philippe Spagnoli, BATPROJ

"Having purchased the palm tree set from 3DMentor, we were very impressed with the quality of the models which were further enhanced by the very realistic texturing. We'll certainly be using Konstantin's excellent service in the future."
Lisa Grainger, Designhive Media Ltd

"No more unrealistic trunks and no more unrealistic big leaves, HQ Plants are the most accurate and beautiful plants available at the moment!... And for an available price for a one-man company like myself, many thanks!"
Jelte Brouwer,

"Creating images for credible exterior scenes in the shortest time is really facilitated with 3D mentor library. Everything is in 3D and in a remarkable quality from the trunk to the foliage. These plants change from what we usually see on most images of the moment... Really Great work."
Vincent GRIEU, 3D Artist,

"I have two HQ libraries (HQ Plants 1 and 2) and I love them. Although I cannot use all the trees as not all of them grow in my country. I just love the cypress bunch and all the willows and I use the living fences (hedges) in most of my works. An added bonus is that Konstantin regularly updates the libraries so we get additional trees for free!. Highly recommended!"
Nir Sullam ,CEO, ORVATSEL Arch. Visualizations,
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Re: HQ Plants - huge library of beautiful 3d models
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2010, 10:48:03 PM »
HQ Grass 1 released!

HQ grass 1 is a large collection of beautiful and high-quality 3d models of grass and flowers. It contains over 180 realistic 3d models for 3ds Max (9 and higher) and Cinema 4D.

All models have materials, textures and ready for rendering in VRay, Mental Ray and Cinema 4D Advanced Render. You will find scenes with grass and flowers ready-to-render in VRay and Mental Ray.

- over 180 beautiful 3d models
- Mental Ray and VRay support (realistic materials and textures, light rig and etc)
- demo scenes with HQ Grass 1 and Forest Pack
- free updates and customer support
- fast Mental Ray double-sided shader for leaves

PDF Catalog -

Free models and scenes are available here -

You need 3ds max 9 to open VRay scene and 3ds max 2009 to open Mental Ray scene (because it has MR Photographic Exposure Control)

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Re: HQ Plants - Large collections of beautiful 3d models
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2011, 05:14:18 PM »
I bought them and they're wonderful !!

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Re: HQ Plants - Large collections of beautiful 3d models
« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2011, 01:34:21 PM »

I have downloaded the free HQ Plant Models. I am new to the forest plug in and would like advice on where to save them so I can select them through the programme. I have tried unsucessfully to save them in c:\programfilex86\itoosoftware\forest pack pro\lib. I cant see them in the library through the software. Please help.



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Re: HQ Plants - Large collections of beautiful 3d models
« Reply #4 on: April 06, 2011, 02:13:26 PM »
At this moment there is not support for 3d objects in the catalog browser. This feature is now on developing and will be available soon, including full catalogs and seamless integration with HQPlants.

Meanwhile, the way to use HQPlants models is as any other 3dsmax object: Merge the tree model into the scene, and select it in Forest Pack as a custom object.
Daniel Quintero
Itoo Software


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Re: HQ Plants - Large collections of beautiful 3d models
« Reply #5 on: June 15, 2011, 10:38:52 AM »
Hello! I made new 3d model's collection - HD Flowers 1 - Roses!

PDF catalog is here -

This is collection of 40 beautiful 3d models of Roses for 3ds Max 9 and above

-20 highly detailed and 20 low detailed 3d models
-Realistic textures and materials
-Ready to render in VRay and Mental Ray