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Important note: HQ Catalog doesn't recognize HQ Plants 1 & 2


We have received recently some e-mails from users who have problems to use HQ Catalog with HQ Plants 1 & 2. The installation is correct, but once selected the path from HQ Catalog, the software doesn't recognize the format of the library.

In many of these cases, they were using an old warez version of HQ Plants, with different format and incompatible with HQ Catalog.

If you have this problem, but you are a legitimate owner of HQ Plants, please contact with 3D Mentor to get the latest update of the libraries. The right version must include the file "HQ_Plants_1_matlib.mat" or "HQ_Plants_2_matlib.mat"  in the main folder.

In any case we will provide support to non-legitimate versions of HQ Plants or the software.


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