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Missing DLL for VRay after installing HQ Plants 1


I have installed hqplants1 and the HQ catalog software. All works fine until I wanted to insert a model from the libary. There pops up a missing dll window which says, that vrender90.dlr and vray2sidedmtl90.dlt are missing. I work with Mental Ray and the description on the web-site of 3Dmentoer says: "All models have materials, textures and ready for rendering in VRay, Mental Ray, Scanline and Cinema 4D Advanced Render. Mental Ray materials are default in 3ds Max." I´m not sure, whether it is a HQ Plants issue or a Forest Pack issue.
I cannot insert the models. Please help, I have an urgent job to do this weekend.
Best regards,
btw: the insertion of the free HQ Plants model "birch" which came with forest Pack works fine.

Ok, I made a mistake. I had to klick "open" to insert the object instead of "cancel" in both of the error windows. Seemd unlogical to me, because I have no VRay installed.

This is an problem caused by HQ Plant libraries, because Max files include VRay materials embedded in the scene.

You can ignore the message safely, but unfortunately there is not way to avoid it. The newest versions of HQ Plants (as HQ Grass) already come with separated files for VRay and Mental Ray.
As workaround you ca install the demo of VRay, that should fix the error.


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