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Missing Maps (but they are there?)

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I've got a few plants libraries from different suppliers and I've added them to the FPP library.

But I keep getting missed maps, even though they aren't missing at all.

If I look at their materials in the material editor, the maps are indeed visible and their paths are indeed correct.

I've added them to the External Files Configuration, they are also there in my 3dsmax.ini file, but the Asset Tracker says "Unknown status, Found" with a 'warning' triangle.

Yet, as I say, the maps are all there.

When I render, of course, that's when they're not visible.

So, something strange is happening here.

Please can you advise?

Many thanks.

This is getting more and more interesting.....

When I open the max file for the plant in question, the maps are listed in full, i.e. L:\\3DS Max Libraries\maps\ etc etc in the Bitmap/Photometric Path Editor Utility.

But when I insert this same plant using FPP, the maps are listed with NO path.  So, Relink BitMaps also says they are missing (when indeed they are not).

To me, it seems like it's a FPP issue.

Please can someone assist?

Thank you.

try: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/collect-asset
this one usually works for me

Thanks Dragan, but that's not the solution for me as I don't wish to colate all my textures since they are already there in my maps directory.

But I've since discovered more to this, and I believe it's to do with the paths.

In the Asset Tracking Dialog box there is a "Make Paths Absolute" option for selected assets in a 3DS Max scene.

When I select my maps in there, and choose Make Paths Absolute, the problem goes away.

I've also put in my External File Paths and in the 3dsmax.ini file the file paths as UNC but that doesn't fix this issue.

I *have* to go to Asset Tracking and "Make Paths Absolute" and then this 'problem' goes away.....

I don't know what more I can do, since it isn't efficient to me to always have to go into Asset Tracking when I've already gone to the trouble of relinking all my asset paths using Project Manager / Relink etc.

Paul Roberts:

If they are libraries from a 3rd party, you will probably need to include the map directories in your 3DS Max configuration by adding them to Customize -> Configure Project Paths -> External Files. Sometimes libraries use relative paths which will work when you open the individual source files, but not when an asset is loaded into a scene in a different location. This should fix that issue.



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