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Problem with VRAY and render farm

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I use HQ plant with 3DS Max 2012 and Mental Ray. When I select a plant fom the libray, I've a problem with Vray (dll). How I can solve it ?

And when I use backburner (renderfarm), the second computer don't find the path of the maps.
I've must install HQ plant catalog on the second computer ? At the moment, I've install only Forest pack pro. The library of HQ plant is in a share drive.
Have you a solution ?

You can safetly ignore this message, if you have selected MentalRay as renderer you will get assigned the right material to Forest.

This error is caused because the HQPlants libraries includes the materials for all renderers in the same file, when the library script try to open the scene to merge the trees 3dsMax tries to load all used plugins even if only some elements are extracted. This is the same warning occurs also if you manually merge the trees.

Ok, thank you !
But I have always my problem with my path and render farm....

Regarding to the HQPlants maps paths, you have to configure manually your render farm as for any other third-party model or material libraries.

The catalog browser have a script that helps you to configure paths in a local drive when you use it interactively, but it doesn't work for render nodes or remote computers.

I've a question about the install on sur server's pc.
I've install Itoo in the mode serveur (without licence) but, for the HQcatalog ?  Do I must install it ?  ???
On the master's pc, I haven't problem.


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