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Title: disqualified work for 3d cg environment competition 2017
Post by: lukx on October 04, 2017, 08:17:42 PM
Here's the scene I was working for  e-on 3d CG environment competition 2017. Today I received an email from e-on that they want to see screenshots of the scene because it looked "too good". After sending screenshots etc they asked if I used any of their software. The rules stated:  "You may use your application of choice, in combination with any of the e-on software products. This includes any version of VUE (Esprit, Studio, Complete, Infinite or xStream), including the free Personal Learning Edition and the free VUE Pioneer." and I though that I can use any software I want. To make long story short I was disqualified :( . There's heavy use of Forestpack of course with some Railclone :) and rendered in Corona.