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Fishing getaway
« on: August 12, 2020, 12:23:32 PM »
My personal project for the summer. The idea was to come up with a functional and aesthetic concept for a fisherman's cabin in a wooded area near a lake in the middle of the mountains.
 The cabin design is composed of twin volumes placed near each other with a slight 10 degree rotation between them. The geometry process started with basic tent-like triangular prisms and after experimenting with different ridge inclinations and corner chamfers it resulted in some interesting entrance facades with overhangs that work as canopies. It also made possible the placement of a skylight window above the secondary entrance which acts both as a lantern bringing natural light inside at an angle and also as a lighthouse that can be visible from a distance when interior lights are on. The two triangular volumes are connected by a short rectangular walkway with glazing on both sides for increased natural light. Main volume of the cabin is comprised of small bathroom near the entrance, a seating area with a small sofa, a dining area with high table and chairs and small kitchen. The secondary volume is destined only for sleeping and contains a bed and two night stands. Both volumes have access to the adjacent deck which extends on one side to accommodate fishing and boat docking.
 The concept for the cabin was designed using Archicad at first and then completed in 3D Max.
 The mountains were designed in Gaea. Two separate meshes were created and then imported in the scene in 3D Max mixed with some other manually generated terrain using simple modelling tools.
 All vegetation is from Maxtree plus some Megascans assets here and there (logs, rocks) and scattered using Forest Pack.
 The images were made using Corona renderer. All post work was done in Corona frame buffer/Lightmix which was extremely useful in creating different moods from the same render.
 Sky is HDRI from PG skies plus Corona sun in a few places to amplify light.