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Mighty gagarin



St 44 ( M 62 in Russia )is a locomotive's signature. I'ts one of the most powerful trains in Poland. Railway enthustiasts call it Gagarin. I've always wanted to ride in a cab, but never had an occasion. I decided make my own virtual trip . I hope you will enjoy as much as i did.
U used lots of forest pack pro and railclone pro. All greenery scattering done with forestpack, train, electric line, posts, rails done with railclone pro.

It is full 3d image.

High resolution image - https://www.behance.net/gallery/146913019/Mighty-gagarin

Best regards

Paul Roberts:
Hello Bartek,

Thanks for sharing - that's another wonderful render! Would you mind if we add it to our gallery?


Hello Paul,

Thank you, i really appreciate. Of course i would't mind if you addit to Itoo gallery. It would be such an honor.

With kind regards


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