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3Ds 2017 Clone plugin not showing in batch render



Using Clone plugin in Max 2017.

Shows fine in viewport, and renders fine on my computer but when i send to batch render it doesn't show?

Any solutions?


It works fine here.

Maybe there are some other variables at play?
Maybe You are rendering with some networked pcs which do not have this plugin ?

Cheers for the reply Rokas.

My batch (net) renders are set up to 3 external render farm nodes.

It doesn't sound like it could be the issue you mention, but i don't know much about the licensing rules for the clone plugin. I've used plugins in the past with net rendering that, you'd imagine, would require the same licensing permissions but have rendered fine.

Is this something you've heard of before? Judging by your screenshot you're just showing an example of a batch render through your own machine?


Yes, i have rendered on local machine as You indicated that batch render not showing glue without more details.

Clone plugin is free. Have You installed it on Your networked PCs as well ? Seems like this is the problem.


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