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Clone, Glue, ColorEdge and SplineOffset for 3DS Max 2022

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Hi, free plugins are just updated with Max 2023 support.

Carlos, you say 'free plugins are just updated with Max 2023 support' — but the archive in the first message contains older plugins, dated with May 2021. New updated versions are nowhere to be seen. The versions I can download at a plugin’s page are dated as well.
I had to start working with Max 2023, and the OffsetSpline is now obsolete and I can’t make the 2022 version work, no matter which of two folders I place it. I had to recreate stack from the ground (since later the splines had several Edit Polys atop), but I am still interested if you are going to support these plugins. Because if these don’t work and won’t updated in time— my scenes get broken, and I spend precious time trying to fix them :(


From where are you downloading them ?
Free plugins are available here, and all of them include versions for Max 2023.

This is the link I used to download the archive yesterday, yes.
Originally I found the email I had stored and revisited the page.
However, when I am trying to repeat it today — I fail to login! The Captcha says 'complete' and has the green checkmark, but the form believes it’s not, borders it red and throws a warning above. Was not the case yesterday!

Yea, I can't log in either. Keep getting  the red "Please complete the captcha" error at the top after the 'Cloudflare' turns green with a green checkmark. Tried 3 browsers and anything else I can think of.


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