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Clone, Glue, ColorEdge and SplineOffset for 3DS Max 2022

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Please find attached Clone, Glue, ColorEdge and SplineOffset for Max 2022.
We are preparing new installers, but it may take some time. Meanwhile you can use this package.

Update: Attachment is deleted. Free plugins can be downloaded from here.

Awesome! Thank you!!

Thanks  ;)

We don't really need installer to copy a file into a folder.

Waiting for SplineOffset  ;)

Well, in recent Max versions, Autodesk recommend to install plugins at C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins, instead in the "plugins" folder.

That's the reason for new installers. The legacy method works yet, but probably will be deprecated at some time.

Yes Autodesk make it more complicated for each version.
An installer to put one dlo into one shared folder for the entire renderfarm ...

But nothing against you, keep the good work up  ;)


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