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Clone modifier always use local pivot


Hi, recently found your Clone plugin and it is truly awesome!
I have one issue though, that I hope anyone could help me with.

I have a group with lots of objects. The objects have local pivot points in different orientations. when I put a clone modifier on the group, the objects move in their local pivot point respectively. Is there a way to align all the pivot points so the move the same way in 3ds max? I have tried working pivot, align tool, xform etc. Nothing solves the issue unless I change the pivot manually on all the objects which is tedious, and there must be a solution for this, right? :)

Michal KarmazĂ­n:

I'm afraid that it's not possible to use the pivot point from a modifier because 3ds max defines it after the modifier evaluation. This is a limitation of the 3ds max workflow. Possibly this could be solved by adding one of several gizmos.

Let me mention that we offer RailClone Lite, a free version of our RailClone plug-in, which can be used without limitations for any personal or commercial project. Although some features are disabled, most of the characteristics are identical to the Pro versions. Please feel free to download this free version from our website and give it a try. Also, we have a set of tutorials that can be used freely as teaching materials.

Thanks for your feedback, it's very important to us.

Best regards,

Thank you for your reply! I am a Railclone Pro-user already, but I found the clone modifier was so easy and fast. So if I want to use Clone, see to that every pivot point is aligned accordingly. :)


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