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Clone Modifier Bug



a bug I just came along: use two clone modifiers on one object and disable the upper one. Save your scene and load it again. Now both modifiers are enabled.

I am not sure this is related but right now I am working on a scene with some clone modifiers. The scene is crashing a lot (like 10 times a day). I am using Max 2020.2 which is pretty stable on all other scenes. So I assume it might be caused by clone modifier.

I am using the current Clone Plugin version, Max 2020.2, Win10


I can confirm bug that modifier does not remember a On/Off state. I have added that to the bug list.
We have many other pending tasks, so cant promise fast fix. Thanks for understanding.

Regarding max crashes, when it happens next please send us the minidump. Only this way we can identify(and fix) the issue.


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