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creating terraced geometry with SplineOffset


hello! I have a question concerning the SplineOffset modifier. I'm including a screen capture and a small .max 2021 scene to explain.

The 'blue' object represents an attempt to created terraced geometry with the SplineOffset modifier and to keep it contained to a single object that can be continuously updated with new/edited splines added or SplineOffset parameters changed. I can get close with the modifier stack that I currently have using extrude and cap holes modifiers, but there are issues (holes in the letters 'A' and 'e' and flipped normals).

The 'goal' is the orange collection of objects below. This was created with isolated and detached splines from the SplineOffset object but it can not be modified afterwards.

With much more elaborate spline designs and a higher number of parallels within the SplineOffset modifier, this could become very tedious and frustrating to process and edit through detached splines like the 'orange' object(s) method and it would be much more ideal to keep a self contained 'blue' object. Is this possible? Thank you in advance or any advice and for creating a fantastic free plugin :)


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