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SplineOffset Wishes - spline optimization and coroner fillet


Lars Egerrup / LKE Design:
Hi there,
Very much anticipated by Paul's AU 2023 presentation, I have been experimenting with the SplineOffset modifier. Super Cool!  Excellent for creating fast procedural roads.
BUT everything can be even better :o)
SO I was thinging if some few features could be added:

- SplineOptimization. It could be cool if the spline could be optimised, so that vertices that was sitting very close compared to the overall distribution could be killed. Paramesters for density of vertices.

- Corner fillets at intersections. Looking through the road creation glasses, it would be great with a fillet function that could fillet "street corners" - at intersecting lines  - with a parameter for the Radius, - as no street corners are straight  - and adding an editSpline modifier to the setup breaks the parametric setup.

Thanks and cheers,

Lars Egerrup / LKE Design:
I see now that the SplineChamfer modifier can do the trick  - A cmodifier I hadn't even heard of :D ))))
You are never too old to learn new tricks.

But it would had been good if Paul had mentioned this in the presentation !!!!

Michal KarmazĂ­n:
Hi Lars,

Unfortunately, we currently lack the resources to work on our free plug-ins. We hope to be able to allocate time to them in the future. Currently, we are busy with other tasks. Thank you for understanding. However, you can accomplish both tasks using the existing tools in 3ds Max. The Optimize Spline modifier (1) and the Spline Chamfer (2) modifier should help you with these tasks.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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