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Can RailClone do the same as VRayEnmesh?


In the new Vray 6 there is a modifier "VRayEnmesh" which can distribute geometry on meshes with uv coordinates. Can RailClone do the same as this VRayEnmesh modifier? Or can ForestPack do it with distribution on uv coordinates? If yes is there a tutorial out there? Thank you for any tips.

Michal Karmazín:

As mentioned in this tightly related post:

“Well, RailClone surface tools are a little limited at the moment. Rather than follow the polygons or the UVs like a paneling tool, In RailClone, geometry is projected along the RC object's local Z axis until it hits the surface's geometry. This means that it only works well when the face normal points toward the RC object. Any polygons with faces that point away or overlap will not work well. Sometimes, you can get around it by spitting the surface and using several RC objects with different orientations.

For these purposes, using the Forest Pack in the UV mode would be the commendable way.”

Best regards,

Yes, I also tried it with ForestPack in uv mode and got some good results but it is not the same as the VRayEnmesh and needs more tweaking to get a confident result. So perhaps I try to develop a maxscript version and have a deeper look. Or do someone know if there is any maxscript to do this?


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