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Hi everyone, I am back with my questions! ;D
I and my friend are looking for an expression to define our desire!
I have tried to toying with equations but doesn't work for me. I am looking for a series expression to array my object along a path by increasing distance as I define it! for example in the following attachment I wanna increase or decrease the distance between objects from a to na .
Or the distance could be increase or dicrease by other functions but the specifice value of the length is important how and based on what!

Truly appreciate your support and feedbacks  ;)

Personalized help is provided in the PRO forum section.
But try to add Transform operator and expose Left Padding.  Don't forget to enable Override paddings.

Use the SegmerntXCounter attribute as a counter multiplicator.

Set Input1 node for X'
Set arithmetic expression as:


Connect to Left Padding.


just one note:
You can achieve the same effect using the sequence operator instead of paddings.
Paddings are not cumulative and can be overridden during the Style creation so you should be careful with those.

So, using Sequence can be the second way to do it.
The first input will be your Segment and the second input will be the Transform operator with an exposed X size parameter (Enable Override Fixed Size). Input dot can remain empty and it will act as you connected the Empty Null Segment node.
The expression for the size is the same as for the previous one, just connect it to X Fixed Size.

Thanks again Daragan for being supportive! actually I've tried with the sequence too but the problem is the distance is not clear it just get increased by a unknown equetion and the first distance is okay but the second distance has kind of decimal numbers and ...

Can`t go more on this because of the rules.
Is your Style something like this?


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