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error everytime


I create a line and apply railclone and get an error - Maximum number of segments reached in RailClone Object. I get this no matter the size of anything I select. If I can get this fixed I might buy the pro.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Max 2010 64bit
6 gig ram

any other info?

Yes, this is a RailClone Lite limitation, there is a maximun of three elements in the segment list. This limitation does not exist on the Pro version.

You can try to delete unused segments (maybe there is no rules using it) or symplify your model. However, the upgrade to RailClone Pro permits to create much complex models, and the posibility create custom libraries.

I get it with 1 line with 2 segments


I'm sorry by the mistake, but the reply of yuv is not correct. It's not a limitation of RailClone Lite.

You must increase the 'Limits' values in the General rollout. These parameters define a maximum size of the RailClone object (in number of segments and millions of faces), to avoid creating huge meshes when using very long splines of large segments.

You can also set the 'Display as boxes' toggle (in General rollout as well), to improve the viewport performance. In this case, the Limit values are applied only while rendering.

In RailClone Pro 1.1 beta, we have improved this behaviour. The 'Box' mode is automatic, and we use the VRay engine to create instances of the geometry, allowing to build huge objects with minimal resources (similar to Forest).


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