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First Tutorial, 5 steps in - already stuck


Referring to your Tutorial "EASTER QUICK TIPS: Randomising Colours, extracting tile textures and creating phyllotactic spirals!".
(I wanted to do the parquet floor tutorial, but that's impossible in Lite)

-basically I'm looking at the plugin because I'm considering a purchase. But I want to test it first, see how it works.


So I'm closely following the steps. But at Step 5 "Increase the Size of the generator from the Properties panel to control the size of the circle.", what's being generated looks more like a flat tornado than a nice spiral like in the video.
What am I doing wrong? Is this a limitation of RailCloneLite? What's the point of "Lite compatible tutorials" when I can't test the plugin?

Paul Roberts:
That tutorial was created on RailClone 3. RailClone 4 introduced a few changes that have caused issues with that macro. Please accept our apologies, I'll be sure to update the tutorial files. In the meantime an updated version of the macro can be downloaded from this link.

I hope that helps,


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