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How to control Evenly Distance with Arithmetic and XSplineLength.


I am trying to control the evenly distance of a Linear 1S generator using expressions in an Arithmetic node. It seems to work alright until I introduce the XSplineLength. When using XSplineLength in the if conditional, Railclone will not produce any geometry. When I replace the XSplineLenght with a float or integer it works fine, even though the values are the same.
the expression I wrote is as follows:

--- Code: ---return
if (Input1 >= 7, XSplineLength/2.0, XSplineLength/4.0);
--- End code ---

Paul Roberts:

thanks for the question. I'm afraid that the X Evenly parameter cannot be controlled dynamically (it must be the same for all splines). In RailClone 5 we have improved this a little, but it can still only be controlled in this way when using clipping spline with Extend X/Y Size to area.



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