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Offsetting for creation of tileable materials


Liam Clarkson-Holborn:
Hi, I was looking into creating tileable material textures of an old brick wall using Zbrush and wondered whether Railclone has any features for cutting & offsetting meshes so that they tile at the edges of a given surface. I ask because the brick wall I am looking to create will contain many bricks and I'd like to use Railclone's tools for randomising the bricks I have sculpted as well as modifying the transforms. Doing so manually in Zbrush would be time-consuming and less effective but I am not as adept in Railclone and am unsure if these tools exist in the Railclone suite. The image attached showcases Zbrush's tool for offseting models in a manner that cuts the edges of a mesh and tiles it to the opposite side of a surface. Thanks for the help!

Paul Roberts:
Hi Liam,

I think you could do something like this in RailClone by controlling the randomisation of a segment in the Start and End inputs. By wiring the stones to a Selector operator you can set the randomisation to Generate on Y Row to ensure the start and end geometry are always the same. You can then use negative padding to clip the start and end, in my example I've randomised this value too.

This is an interesting question that I might explain in this Thursday's livestream on YouTube.



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