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paving alignment. Newbie

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Hi, sorry for the delay (After all you are RC_Lite user for now  ;D )
It can be done but need some calculations.
Please consider upgrading. You already now how Itoo support is effective.
Best Regards

Hello there,

Thanks so much.
I almost fell off my chair after discovering the railclone object!!!
Tanks again.
I tried reproducing it in 2014 and realized at the end that the spline itself and its vertex can cause some problems even though the railclone object is correct.
In any case thanks again for your time b/c it is quite a railclone object!!
Have a nice day


Glad to help.
This is a specific situation with offset alignment considering how RC menage the array but with nesting option in Pro version everything is much more powerful.
Once you figure out the `logic` everything is pretty much straight forward.
You just need some mathematic knowledge (in my case I have my son for hard-working when I couth him in the good mood for helping me) and some idea how to stack segments.  ;)

Thanks your your helm but in railclone lite I can only have one single generator at a time.


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