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Hello everyone,

I am a newbie at railcone but a long time forest pack user.

I looked at different tutorials (specially the parquet ones) in order to build a paving pattern.

I built two pavers : 1 full 1 half and alike the parquet tutorial would like a 1/2 to begin a row and a full to follow. I use a array 2s with a y size of 1.5 m.

I could not change the alignment of the offset : see photo attached it is currently along the x spline (red arrow) and would like it to be along the green arrow, nor really achieve the look of beginning a row with 1/2 etc..
I am not using a clipping area as you will see in the settings attachment.

I am also attaching the settings from my style editor.

If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day

I can say on behalf of Itoo, in Forum Lite Section only generic support is provided, including questions about general features, technical specifications, and licensing.
So consider upgrading to RailClonePro, both RC4 & support is the best on the market  ;).

I can only help you with some suggestion image.
Best Regards


thank you so much for your time spent to help him, really appreciate it.
I am long time forest pack user ( landscape architect) and unsure of how much i will use need railclone at this point, so wanted to try out the lite version.
Thanks your your helm but in railclone lite I can only have one single generator at a time.

Thanks again


Ah.. maybe I can create it all in one generator.
3DSmax isn't my natural surrounding, I model everything in CAD. I use 3Dsmax for rendering. Since you know everything about ForestPack I don't need to tell you anything special about it, but RailClone rapidly increased my productivity.
So, don't hesitate to upgrade to RailClone Pro.

Best Regards

Hello there,

if you could that would be great.
I am certain you are right about railclone, it just appears to be quite something to grasp / learn.
But like everything it will take some time but if it is likr forest pack, it appears very powerful.




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