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I'm creating a new item into a new library that is inside a new folder, I have followed all the instructions step by step tutorial of the Library Editor. Then I open a new file max, I create a line, I go on railclone, select the item that I created previously, select the new line and it is at this point that I get this error -> Error loading style, template "xxx" from "xxx.max" is not a valid object RailClone What can it be?
Why? I can't use the plugin if I don't resolve this problem.
Thank you and bye!

What version of RailClone are you using ?, the libraries can't can be created or edited with the Lite version.

Also note that the item object used as template in a library must be a railclone object. Please check the reference object has applied modifiers, or has been converted to other class.

If you still with the problem, please zip your newly created library (with the index.xml and the max files) and send us to support@itoosoft.com to investigate the problem.

I'm using the Pro version 1.03 and I didn't apply any modifier to the RailClone Object. Sometimes the new item works but almost always does not work. With this max file doesn't work and he say that the RC object isn't a valid RC object. Why? I hope you have the answers.
Thank you and bye!


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