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im trying to populate a city block using railclone, however getting different results when i substituted mesh with vray proxy (im looking to populate an entire city and i found vray proxy consumes way less memory). i found railclone unable to slice vray proxy like it did with mesh, is there any workaround to this problem or? im new with railclone and parametric in general. Thanks for any advice!

Hi. Proxies can't be bent/sliced.

so bevel for corner also wont work? bummer

Really there is little benefit using proxies in RailClone.
Probably you noticed they consumes less memory just because object is not generated completely. All sliced and bended segments (which requires more resources) are not being generated.

Proxies should be used only for complete objects (cars, trees, etc.). But even in this case there is not a noticeable improvement, because RailClone already generates instances both for meshes or proxies, when possible.

i remembered seeing this reply on the forum, which is why i did a test by populating a 500m x 500m block with high poly trees using the A2S generator. the vray proxy scene took a couple minutes to render, using only a couple g of memory. the scene with mesh trees took up all my 32g available memory and i stopped the render because light cache wasnt gonna finish any time soon. im sure for smaller scenes it wouldnt make much of a differnece, but since im triyng to populate an entire city im trying to conserve every bit of memory i can. or am i missing something? thanks


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