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On the YouTube live from February 8th it was mentioned that there has been a presentation where you guys had created something similar to the park that was show on that live. I'm interested in seeing it, specially how you created the houses with fences and so on. Is this available anywhere?

Michal KarmazĂ­n:

You can access all the related content for the "Beyond Massing Models: Procedural Techniques for Better Master-Plan Renders" presentation using this link. Included are a video, a PDF version of the presentation, and several exercise files. I hope you'll find them interesting and helpful.

Best regards,

This is great, Thank you so much.
The only thing missing is how you added the driveway bits and the fences between houses, knowing this could be very helpful.

Fantastic presentation! I'd intuitively thought something like this was possible for a while, but I couldn't figure out the way to make it editable for one, nor how to get the variation needed to make it look realistic. This walks one through the steps perfectly. :)

Paul Roberts:
Thanks! I'm please you found it useful  :)



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