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Bending Tower Facade


I just purchased Railclone and have made a custom 2S window facade.  Is it possible to have a rectangular base curve follow a bending height curve?  Essentially my bending curve cuts off the facade and I want it to act more like a sweep.  See the attached picture for reference.

Thank you.

No, it's not possible because each side of the building should follow a different Y Spline.
Perhaps it would be done using four separated RC objects (one by side), but probably is not worth the effort. Just apply a Bend modified to RC once built (although that will disable the instancing engine for that object).


I was wondering if this strategy might be of help - I don't know what your final goal is.
In the attached image I did the following - railclone 1 is done using the base rectangle as a spline and the window  object as a segment; then I used raiclone 1 as a segment for railclone 2 with the bent spline. If you need special windows for the top and bottom you could do special end and start RCs...

Hope it helps,



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