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Author Topic: Can library b updated to latest RC version? Gutters dont work as expected  (Read 189 times)


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Hi Guys

Can we get the native library that ship with RC updated please? Things like gutters and downpipes dont work as expected.

For the default style in a corner for example, I get a rogue bracket.
For the downpipes, it gives joins, but no brackets to attached to wall

Paul Roberts

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Hi Morne,

Please try the attached version. If this still does not work, would you mind sending me a sample file so I can take a look at the spline being used to better understand the issue?

These styles are also sensitive to Spline material IDs and Vertex types. For example, downpipe brackets only appear on splines with a material ID of 1. There's a little tut about using them here too, which might be handy.

Many thanks,

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