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continuous uv mapping like max array possible?

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just went through some old forum posts regarding uv offsets but couldn't find anything regarding continuous uv offsets like what max array modifier does. is something like this possible already or planned in the future?

Specifically I'm talking about max's array modifier > UV > Clone XYZ (additive). The specific use case I'm working on is a sub-d modelled timing belt (hundreds, actually) where I need one element repeated xxx times and the mapping to be continuous (to have textures with scratches and markings not repeat per tooth). it's not possible to solve this with box mapping as that is not continuous, depending on the angles of the geometry and it's also not possible to use blended triplanar mapping as the belt is animated. max's array modifier combined with path deform solves this but is extremely slow to use in comparison to RC so i'd much rather be able to use RC of course...

thanks in advance for any pointers! cheers!

Michal Karmazín:

Utilizing the 'Apply Box Mapping' feature along with the 'Fixed' > 'Offset' option of the 'UVW XForm' Operator (if necessary) should work just fine for your scenario. I hope this helps.

Best regards,

thanks for your reply!

unfortunately as stated intially box mapping does not work as it does not map continuously (as it's angle dependent) that means that mapping gets chopped into small pieces.

in the attached screenshots it can be observed how the mapping in the max array case actually follows the shape of the object while the box mapping in the rc case doesn't

Michal Karmazín:
In this case, you can drive the Offset of the UVW XForm Operator using the XSplinePosition attribute, considering the Segment size and the required tiling. Please find attached a sample scene demonstrating a possible approach (240611_UVWXFormExpressionDrivenOffset_iToo.max). I hope you find it helpful.

Best regards,

that worked perfectly! thank you very much for the solution. Have to look into using arithmetic more often for these kinds of things.



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