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CRASH and Solution for that...


Hi everybody

I've just found a crash result for the 2.1.5 release :

UVW map on point clouds railclone object... Vicious thing that don't prevent everything, i can merge everything, that's why i've found the problem, everything crash wit railclone object, and each which crash are (accidentaly) with a UVW map modifier on them, but only those with a point clouds preview mode crash...

Hope it help...

What Max version and render engine do you use ?. I cannot reproduce the crash here (Max 2014, RC 2.1.6).

Just for info: any modifier applied to a RailClone object will disable the instancing engine (Max automatically converts RC to a mesh object). When possible, it's better to use the UVW Segment mapping.

Hi Carlos

Max 2013 X64 and railclone V2.1.5 here. Thx for the tips but the placement is an accident, i'm using the box mapping from RC eveytime i can ... But with that accident i've lost 6 hours to find what's the problem and how to solve that... So if someone is in the same case, i hope it could help a little bit.


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