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Title: curtain wall array help
Post by: jointy on November 23, 2017, 08:16:17 AM
Hello, I am new to the program, but it seems like it could prove very helpful and worthy expense.
Currently, I am trying to create a line based window wall assembly that I can use to adjust number and location of divisions. I created a model of assembly and sliced it to extract all components, but I noticed there is no node for where evenly meets top or side. I am also having an issue with the default not filling out the panel.
is there a way fix these two issues?

see attached images and file

any help is appreciated, Thanks.
Title: Re: curtain wall array help
Post by: Michal KarmazĂ­n on November 23, 2017, 11:12:40 AM

The recommendable way would be to use a condition within the Arithmetic Operator to place the correct Segment wired to the Selector Operator - in combination with Sequence / Compose Operators. Our "Parameterising Windows" ( tutorial shows a possible work-flow for similar cases and also please feel free to have a look at the "Parameterising Windows with RailClone"  ( on our forum, where you can find several tips and sample scenes showing possible style set-ups.

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