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Author Topic: Help with outside stairs creation  (Read 1640 times)


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Help with outside stairs creation
« on: August 07, 2018, 04:34:40 PM »

Allright, I give up, I can't seem to solve this problem.
I'm trying to do a rather simple staircase that'll run down a slope / cliffside down to some water. It has to be able to have both flat, horisontal walkways, but also stairs of course.

I know that structually the stairs aren't "correctly" built (and I'm sure to modify it later on) but this will not be an asset with focus, and it will also be covered by grass on the sides. So some minor errors here and there is no problem (especially since it's mostly a learning project for me).

However, there are some things that I need to get right, like not having the pickets going through the railing, as you can see on the attached images.

What I've already tried:

1. Changing the pivot of the basemesh for the picket itself
2. Played around with alignment in the picket's Segment node
3. Tried flipping the pickets 180 degrees so they would "grow" out from the railing instead of the bottom planks
4. Messing around with different deform options in the picket's Segment node
5. Checked and unchecked "Sync Offset" in the picket's Linear 1S node
6. Tried offseting the pickets in all the places I've found.
7. Checked and unchecked "Simple Y Offset mode"

Nothing helps with getting them at the height. On the flat areas there's no problem, but as soon as it turns into stairs, the sides don't match up either with the flat part of with themselves. In the images you can see that the pickets either go through the railing, sit at the correct place or don't "reach" up to the railing.

I added the bottom part (stairBase in the file) to try and cover up where the pickets go through the bottom planks, but the problem is that I can't make them to match to the correct height.

Any pointers?


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Re: Help with outside stairs creation
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2018, 09:05:09 AM »
Hi, Thanks for question

Unfortunately RailClone has issues determening segments size/location when spline changes direction on two axis at once, like in Your example:
This is top View:

Please reconsider shape for this project. It could be done like this:
add vertices:

and adjust them in frontview:

I would suggest adding Pickets to Corner slot too (and disable bend for picket segment)

Hope that helps.


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Re: Help with outside stairs creation
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2018, 12:41:16 PM »
Thanks for the tip, it worked! And good to know more about the limitations. I'll probably have similar problems when I'm adapting the spline to the actual environment later on, but at least now I know how to (hopefully) combat the problem.