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How to randomize 4 segments in sequence on X with no visible repetition?


Hi, maybe it's has a very simple solution:

I have 4 segments connected to the sequence node. I thought to randomize not just the counter, but also the counter position because I need to get a long sequence with no visible repetition. But I can't find how

For randomization it would be best to use Randomize node, not Sequence.
Also Selector node with exported Index parameter works well.

Hope this helps.

Rokas, thank you very much!!!

I have a follow up question to this; we are currently trying to build a facade panel system that contains 1m, 0.66m and 0.33m panels. The issue is that we want railclone to randomise the 1m panel with a 0.66+0.33 panel combi (and mirrored) so that we always have a vertical line across the facade every 1 meter. In a "random sequence" you would get 1 - (0.66+0.33) - (0.66+0.33) - 1 - 1 - (0.33+0.66) - 1 - (0.66+0.33) - etc randomly interchanging the 3 options.

I've set up a couple of sequences to create this, however when threading it through a randomize node that seems to override the sequence and just randomise the 3 panels.

Am I missing a setting that I need to turn on so that the randomize node respects the "sequence objects" its being fed?

In de image you can see that righ at the start it's a 0.66m panel with a 1m next to it. If it was following the sequence it would have to be a 0.66+0.33m setup before moving on to a 1m panel.


I think it would be more suitable to use the Compose node and Reverse (or Mirror, depending on the visual effect you want to achieve) node for mirroring the sequence instead of the Sequence node.

See attached.



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