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Inner corner with radius


I have a path with a corner radius representing the outer line of a building. My segment is a wall with attached roof and my problem is that the roof get overlapped in the inner corner. I would hope the scale of the segment would decrease like the decreasing radius. If I align the other side of my segment it does just that. It upscales to fit the increasing radius. Is there any way to solve this?

Unfortunately there is no way to solve the overlapping issues, even scaling the segments (that RailClone does), because at certain point the edges of the faces intersect between them.

In this case the key is to prevent that segments overlap. This may help:

1) If the spline has corners at both directions, set the Segment Y Alignment to "Center".
2) Increase the corner radius.
3) Use higher values for Style->Geometry->Curve Steps (>100). This will create smoother corners.
4) A tip: instead creating the rounded corners in the spline, draw straight corners and use Generator->Rules->Fillet Radius, to adjust the corner radius dinamically.

Alternatively, if none of these tricks work, you would create a custom piece for the corner, and use it in the Generator (as Corner Segment). Also would be possible to define separated segments fot the inner and outer corners, using a Conditional operator (Vertex->Angle->Greater > 180).

I have the same problem.  I do a lot of city sidewalks and streets which all have a corner radius.  I have not been able to use RC for any of my projects because of the overlapping geometry.

I added an entry in the FAQ about this issue. I hope that helps:


This isnt just an itoo problem. A general rule of thumb for corridor design within CAD packages is that if you need tight radiuses that will cause overlapping then always have you path on the inside of the curve. If you need to bend the other way too then you could create two segments with different pivot points and create a separate path for your other curve. Or in Max you have the benefit of easily being able to 'fudge' it.


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