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I created a building and grouped it.  I can instance it and move it and everything works perfectly until I save.  Then the railclone objects move off the building out in space.  Anyone seen this or have a solution

As general rule is not a good idea to instance RailClone objects, because the plugin is designed to build the geometry at the absolute position of the referenced splines. Two instanced objects use the same spline, so they may generate strange results if are moved from their original position.

Perhaps we would add a "Free" mode to RailClone, to use the relative position of the spline. This would allow to create instances that can be moved freely. I'll think on it.

p.s.: this problem appears to happen only when scene is saved, because the RC objects are rebuild at this point. You will get the same result clicking the "Build" button.

I've see that problem also.
But maybe, Carlos, could you ask RC to be dependant of the instnce spline?
I've done sometimes RC + Spline to be copied, and everytime i rebuilt, the RC bject move on the first "master" spline, and 'ive to re-assign to the new instances spline... So... could the RC object have a dependance to the new spline? Like a IK rigg copied kept his own hierarchy?


--- Quote from: raistlin on November 07, 2013, 09:04:25 AM ---But maybe, Carlos, could you ask RC to be dependant of the instnce spline?
--- End quote ---

I will check it. I'm not sure if it can be done, because the "copying" procedure is an internal Max process.


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